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Detroit Population Down 25 Percent, Census Finds Laying bare a startling example of urban collapse, data showed the population falling by 25 percent in a decade. 36 Hours in Detroit. The city may be shrinking but there are plenty of reasons to visit, from restored film palaces to historic architecture.. A managed bankruptcy may be the only path to the fundamental restructuring the auto industry needs. Detroit Pushes Back With Young Muscles. Detroit, a city whose downtown is better known for its recent economic decline, is drawing a number of college-educated people under age 35. Let Detroit Go Bankrupt!

Fake It ‘til You Make It, 2012, chair, Raspberry Pi, sensors, headphones, audio collage.

As the viewer sits in the chair, it triggers a switch to begin an audio collage of voices reading New York Times articles from the last few years—characterized by sensation and hyperbole about the current state of Detroit.

The voices form a polyphony of taglines and selling points, as well as blind optimism about the renaissance of the city. The audio piece allows the listener to draw their own conclusions about the content of the articles, and the use of language.

Contribution to "E, I Know It Begins With E" exhibition at North End Studios, Detroit
August, 2012
A project conceived and curated by Maia Asshaq, Mikaela Assolent and Flora Katz

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