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"Literature is that which denounces and slashes apart the repressing machine at the level of the signified."--Kathy Acker

Recently I've begun experimenting with live storytelling. In addition to presenting work in writing or radio-essay format, I am increasingly drawn to storytelling culture. I am also currently working on “Pretending to Be Civilized,” a creative non-fiction project realized on the page, for performance, and in audio format.

"Buried Treasure: (A) Conceptual Rap with Doc Waffles"-Infinite Mile, Issue 15, March 2015. Eds. Stephen Garrett Dewyer and Jennifer Junkermeier

"Personal Views—for Sale" (a conceptual poem)-Infinite Mile, Issue 5, April 2014. Eds. Stephen Garrett Dewyer and Jennifer Junkermeier

"F is for Fake, the GOP, and The Facts as I Feel Them”-essay, with Jon Winet. Critical Contemporary Culture, Irida Ntalla, ed. London, UK. October, 2012

Playing, Making, Thinking: Intersections with the Avant-Garde (PDF) Rijeka, Croatia. May, 2011.
Catalogue and exhibition essay for a collaboration between The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art/Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti [MMSU], Rijeka and Osnovna škola Vežica. An introduction to the work of John Cage and Merce Cunningham. Project description (Croatian, only)

An Exquisite Balance (PDF) Nevada, USA. May, 2011.
A catalogue essay for artist Mark NeuCollins’ spring 2011 residency and exhibition with The Capital City Arts Initiative and St. Mary’s Art Center. Residency description.

“SOUP: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”-article on microgrants for, and by, artists. Little Village Magazine, Matt Steele, ed. Issue 102. April, 2011.

On the Desire to Meet a Unicorn (PDF)
On the artwork of Sarah Pager and the desire for the something more. GALERIE8, UK. 2010.

Performing the Role of An Object: Reflections on the Liverpool Biennial. 2010.

Radio Essay: The Smell of Eddie G’s Dad Lying Under the Xmas Tree After Pouring Concrete.
Invisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture. Winter 2010.

The Electoral College. 2009.

Daddy is a Punk Rocker. WAZEE: New Independent Writing. 2008.